jabba connects across north America


Since 2002 in Phoenix Arizona, Jabba has deployed high-speed networks  that work efficiently, effectively and reliably. Fast forward to today and Jabba's seamless, user friendly services can be accessed all across the USA and Canada. 

It all started with....


An idea of providing internet services to the niche industry of RV resorts in Western USA.



Challenging topography, remote destinations, high altitudes, you name it! Thinking outside the box while not compromising network performance is our non-negotiable. This is how we excel and what we do best. Our networks are built to outperform any expectation. 

how we stand out


Outfitting your network with cutting edge technology and equipment, allowing you to stay one step ahead.  Engineered to give you the ability to easily update your network down the road. 


Jabba enables seamless internet access spanning the entire property. Our commercial grade applications provide convenience for all users in challenging environments across North America.


From the early stages of designing your network to the end user, everyone deserves top-notch services. Customer satisfaction is where we rise above the competition.