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Tiered Services

Jabba was one of the first providers to offer tiered services. From the beginning we have understood that no two clients are the same so no two clients have the same online needs.

Our network architects are highly proficient at bandwidth and network management to guarantee end users get the exact tier of service they have selected and nothing less!

World Class Technical Support

Our techs pride themselves on being "tech geeks" and we do too. Our Phoenix AZ based, Tech Support Staff love technology, WIFI, helping customers and are always up for a challenge. Our in-house training program is vigorous, and our techs will never follow a script! All staff members have a solid understanding of tablets, computers, phones, VPNs so devices get online quickly. Our results speak for themselves: 95% of all calls are answered within 90 seconds and 98% of trouble tickets are resolved during the first call.

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