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Wired Service

Does your property own its own phone lines? Not sure? Jabba can quickly help you answer these questions with cost effective ways to utilize your existing infrastructure. 

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Standard Wifi

No longer an added benefit to your property, it is now a MUST.  Learn what makes Jabba's networks stand out from the rest.

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Fixed Wireless

One of the best options for MH Communities. Learn why Jabba's fixed wireless networks are simply the best.

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Series of Tubes

Often times, properties unknowingly own their infrastructure (lines in the ground). Jabba is able to test the lines to determine if they are viable. If so, Jabba is able to implement wired internet, phone, and television services throughout the property. 

standard wifi

The LAN before time

Too many companies are able to deploy WiFi. There are a select few who do it exceptionally well and Jabba happens to be one of those few. Tower placement, selecting the right equipment, accounting for obstructions, other frequencies etc.  are just a few of the crucial elements that are paramount to engineering a successful WiFi network.

Fixed wireless

Go Go Gadget Internet

Fixed Wireless is where the Jabba Team truly outdoes themselves. Not all fixed wireless performs equally and some will frustrate the end user when not executed well. Jabba has been at the forefront of Fixed Wireless for over a decade. Our dedicated bandwidth management means each and every user's experience is as if they are the only one online even during busy peak hours.